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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does one properly dress a diamond abrasive belt?
At what speed should Eastwind Diamond’s Products be run?
  • • Instructions for using Eastwind Diamond Abrasive Products
  • Diamond resin bond products should be run at 3000 to 5000 surface feet per minute. In most cases it is the either the mounting method or speed and balance of the tools on the belt that will determine the maximum speed. Also the rate of coolant flow is a factor that should be considered. The diamond should be run at a speed so the belt or disc does not dry, diamond must be kept cool.
  • Electroplated Diamond Products can be run at a higher speed, 3000 to 5000 surface feet per minute. The factors listed above for resin bond products should still be taken into consideration. Electroplated Diamond Products can be run dry however it is not recommended. You can expect longer life and a better surface finish running wet.
  • Cerium Resin Bonded ProductsCerium Resin Bonded Products should be run slowly, 1000 to 2000 surface feet per minute. A slower speed and a sufficient amount of water will prevent the undue heat buildup that can cause subsurface damage or even cracking of the material being polished. An excessive amount of water will reduce the efficiency of the cerium belts. The amount of ideal pressure and water will differ depending on the material and the geometry of the item being polished.
When ordering custom diamond products should I contact a distributor or contact Eastwind Diamond Abrasives Directly?
If you are under a time constraint, it is easier and faster for us to discuss your custom order with you directly and put your order in immediate queue for manufacturing. However purchasing directly from us in minimum order quantities is more expensive than ordering from our distributors, because in general they sell our products at less than list price.
What is the minimum order for custom products?
$ 100

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives is currently compiling further Q&A for our products. Please contact us with your questions so we can improve our FAQ and stay current with your needs.

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