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Custom Products and Consultation Services

Custom Products

Custom Sized Belt for modified pneumatic tool

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives can create exactly the product you need to achieve the finish you desire. Our standard stock products are engineered as general purpose finishing products and available in common sizes. However our specialty is meeting the need for your unique application.


Custom Disk and Belt Sizes

cloth belt seam
Strong, flat, even splices on all belts

Custom sizes of disks and belts can be provided affordably and quickly. Disks can be as large as 24 inches in diameter, with or without arbor holes. Custom belts can be spliced to your desired dimensional tolerances, please specify the desired weight waterproof cloth backing.


Custom Abrasive Media

loose diamond particles
6 micron and 40/50 mesh diamond loose abrasive

Whether it be a precise mixture of diamond abrasive sizes and/or shapes, Eastwind can bond your desired abrasive mixture with our patented resin bonding method.


Custom Polishing Media

The Cerium Oxide Compound Eastwind uses for its Resin Bonded Products is the finest quality, highest purity cerium oxide. The micron size range of the cerium is 0.5 to 1.0 microns. We find this provides the most cerium to surface area and makes for a very aggressive cutting and polishing surface. However if you prefer a different polishing compound or different cerium particle size, Eastwind can accommodate you. Please contact us and we can incorporate the polishing compound you desire.


Custom Resin Hardness

Depending on the surface you are grinding or polishing, the resin hardness can effect the finish of your product and the durability of our product. Soft surfaces can scratch if a too hard resin is used, however if you are grinding a surface that is extremely abrasive such as concrete a harder resin may be required. Eastwind Diamond Abrasive Resin Bonded Products use a resin hardness that has been determined to be of the best general purpose use. If you find that you require a custom hardness resin for your application, Eastwind can quickly adjust our resin to your desired hardness.

Consultation Services

In the age of exotic and costly materials it is important to match the abrasive to the job. This can be accomplished with the knowledge of an experienced technician. Doug Klein is the owner and developer of our patented product and has worked on projects that include polishing optical glass for NASA; systems to polish flame spray applications; coatings for decorative hardware; and years of gem cutting and polishing as well. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies with great success in developing methods and applications that proved to be both time saving and cost effective.

With over 30 years of diamond experience, it allows Eastwind Diamond Abrasives to provide expert advice with product development, suggest the best material for your task and design custom formulations for your needs.

Our consulting fees are job based or hourly depending on the need. We hope that you will consider using this service when you are faced with a new or difficult application. Our friendly staff will be happy to provide you with any information to achieve your goals.

Customer Stories

Resin Bonded Product Solution - Surfboards, California

This image is of one of our clients in California who was creating his own line of surfboards. After some consultation, we supplied him with some 8” resin bond disks in various mesh/micron sizes along with our resin bond hand pads in various mesh/micron sizes to help him create a smooth, glass-like surface.

Resin Bonded Product Solution - Glass Windows, Hawaii
photography provided by World Wide Window Cleaning

This image is of our customer; World Wide Window Cleaning in Honolulu, HI. They needed a way to remove the top layer of glass with a factory tint (tempered glass). Eastwind Abrasives supplied them with 5 inch resin bond disks formulated specifically for glass. The kit included 5; 5 inch resin bond disks in the following mesh: 400,800 and 1200; and 9 micron, a 5” felt pad, and glass polishing compound.