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Eastwind's line of resin bond disks offers an aggressive solution to your cutting and polishing needs. We use a high concentration of finely graded diamond powders and cerium polishing compounds to give you a quality product. Eastwind Diamond Abrasives have strong, flexible fabric backings that will not crack or lose pliancy after repeated use. Our backings are engineered to specific applications and diamond particle sizes. They run on water-cooled machines, allowing faster grinding rates at a substantially reduced cost, providing a cleaner, safer work environment.

We make resin bonded disks from ¾" to 42". We offer this product with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive), Velcro or Magnetic backings as a separate item. Our disks do not have arbor holes to provide you with an uninterrupted work surface allowing you to use the full surface of the disk, however we can customize.