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"nothing can resist a diamond"

Eastwind Diamond Abrasive Handpad Products

Designed to polish and finish any surface that electric or pneumatic tools cannot. They are ideal to retouch scratched tops, polish edges and under-mounted sinks.

The soft handpad provides comfort and safety for the tool operator.

Resin Bonded Diamond Handpad Page


Durable Cloth Backed Resin Bonded
Diamond Abrasive Pads

Eastwinds cloth backed resin bonded handpad conforms to the work surface easily, making it ideal for concave and convex curved surfaces and rounded edges. Convenient for quick touch ups on flat or rounded surfaces.

Electroplated Diamond Dot Handpad Page


Precision Electroplated Metal
Diamond Abrasive Pads

The metal bonded electroplated diamond dot handpads are more rigid and springy, therefore not conforming, producing a more well defined edge. The thin yet strong metal backing resists punctures and deformation by sharp corners and edges.