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Diamond Dot Disks

Precision Industrial and Lapidary Diamond Dot Disks

Eastwind diamond dot abrasive disks are used for grinding glass, marble and engineered materials, such as spray coated tungsten carbide and for gemstone cutting and grinding.

They are available in 60 mesh through 800 mesh (25 micron). They are ideal for grinding large surfaces where hydroplaning and grinding force are factors. Our disks come with or without arbor holes to allow you to use the full surface of the disk to maximize your results. The diamond dot material is available in disk sizes up to 18" diameter and in sheets up to 18" x 24" for larger job applications.

We carry all of our plated diamond<>dot products in the following mesh/micron sizes.

  • 60 MESH
  • 80 MESH
  • 120 MESH
  • 220 MESH (90 MICRON)
  • 325 MESH (50 MICRON)
  • 400 MESH (45 MICRON)
  • 600 MESH (30 MICRON)
  • 800 MESH (25 MICRON)
  • Use wet or dry
  • High concentration of diamond particles ensuring an extraordinarily smooth finish.
  • Aggressive grinding
  • We also offer this product with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive), Velcro or Magnetic backings.
  • Certain disc sizes of this product are available with Snail Lock backing

Eastwind's Diamond Dot Technology

Precision Diamond Dot disks and handpads

Eastwind Diamond Dot Electroplated PCB Abrasives are precision abrasives. Please do not mistake Eastwind Diamond Abrasives Diamond Dot products for other companies cloth and paper backed products. This product is a thin solid sheet of springy metal, with dots of diamond abrasive electroplated directly to the base sheet. Our Diamond dots cannot pull up or fall off to create bare sections or cause cutting or gouging of the material. The thin metal backing helps the abrasive lay flat and produces a even sharp facet or bevel when required and prevents uncontrolled scratching of the finsihed surface around the area to be worked.

If you are looking for a conforming diamond material please look at our diamond resin bonded products.

NEW PRODUCT! Snail Lock Back electroplated diamond dot discs

(roloc style) Snail Lock Discs
New Snail Lock diamond dot discs

Exciting NEW product! Please contact Eastwind Diamond Abrasives directly for purchase and pricing informtion.