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Diamond Resin Bonded FlexWheel™

FlexWheel™: Manufactured by Eastwind™ Diamond Abrasive.

This product consists of a hard plastic hub with a layer of foam between the hub and belt. This wheel performs aggressively, with a slight drape to eliminate scratching and flat spots. It is a value packed alternative to other wheels on the market. They are excellent for sanding and polishing and produce excellent finishes with a high concentration of diamond. Flex wheels are excellent for coarse sanding and polishing gemstones and are a fine solution for the machine tool industry for coarse sanding and polishing carbide tools.

We carry all of our resin bond products in the following mesh/micron sizes
60 MESH 9 MICRON (1800 MESH)
80 MESH 6 MICRON (3000 MESH)
120 MESH 3 MICRON (8000 MESH)
220 MESH (90 MICRON) 1 MICRON (14,000 MESH)
325 MESH (50 MICRON) .5 MICRON ( 50,000 MESH)
400 MESH (45 MICRON) .25 MICRON (100,000 MESH)
600 MESH (30 MICRON)  
800 MESH (25 MICRON)  
1200 MESH (15 MICRON)