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Flexible Diamond Resin Bonded Belts

Belts: Manufactured by Eastwind™
Diamond Abrasives, Inc.

Our premier line of resin bond belts offers an aggressive solution to your cutting and polishing needs. We use a high concentration of finely graded diamond powders to give you a quality product. Eastwind Diamond Abrasives have strong, flexible fabric backings that will not crack or lose pliancy after repeated use. Our backings are engineered to specific applications and diamond particle sizes. They run on water-cooled machines, allowing faster grinding rates at a substantially reduced cost, providing a cleaner, safer work environment. We use several different types of water proof cloth backings to give you the best results for your specific application. Our most commonly requested backings are:

  • Carbo – Lightweight material meant for fine sanding and polishing. High drape, giving for maximum surface area on curved surfaces.
  • Ernst – Heavyweight material used for coarse to medium sanding and stock removal
  • Industrial – Used in industrial applications for longer length belts that need to hold up to heavier wear. The industrial material is typically available in sizes larger than 3" x 41.5". However industrial weight belts can be made as small as 6" in diameter.
We carry all of our resin bond products in the following mesh/micron sizes
60 MESH 9 MICRON (1800 MESH)
80 MESH 6 MICRON (3000 MESH)
120 MESH 3 MICRON (8000 MESH)
220 MESH (90 MICRON) 1 MICRON (14,000 MESH)
325 MESH (50 MICRON) .5 MICRON ( 50,000 MESH)
400 MESH (45 MICRON) .25 MICRON (100,000 MESH)
600 MESH (30 MICRON)  
800 MESH (25 MICRON)  
1200 MESH (15 MICRON)  
  • Use wet
  • High concentration of diamond particles ensuring an extraordinarily smooth finish.
  • Excellent grinding results
  • Strong joints
  • Flexible to help reduce flats
  • No messy lubricants required
  • Faster grinding rate