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Diamond Resin Bond Products

Eastwind Diamond Abrasive Resin Bond products are made with a patented method engineered to produce an extremely uniform finish. In particular our super fine micron sized diamond pre-polishing products are designed to produce a finish that polishes quickly and easily. In less critical applications or less demanding materials the finish off of our super-abrasive resin bonded products can be left without proceeding to a final polishing compound process.

diamond disksFlexible Resin Bond Diamond Disks
diamond handpadFlexible Resin Bond Diamond Hand Pads
diamond beltsFlexible Resin Bond Diamond Belts
diamond flexwheelsResin Bond Diamond Flex Wheel™

  • Use wet
  • High concentration of diamond particles ensuring an extraordinarily smooth finish.
  • Aggressive grinding and polishing results
  • Does not develop unwanted notches or jagged edges that cause nicks or other imperfections during the polishing process.