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PRODUCT UPDATE: Cerium Oxide Polishing Belts from Eastwind Diamond Abrasives

cerium polishing belts 1.5 x 6 inch expandable drum, 2.5 x 6 inch expandable drum, 3 x 8 inch expandable drum

Eastwind Diamond Abrasive’s stock cerium oxide resin coated belts for 1.5 x 6 inch, 2.5 x 6 inch and 3 x 8 inch expandable drum wheels now come standard with carbo material webbing. This thinner more flexible backing provides greater surface contact and produces a smoother splice transition.

Resin bonded cerium oxide belts are excellent for polishing high silica content materials such as glass, glass ceramic, and high quartz content granite; this includes ceramic glazes and glass enamel. Use Eastwind cerium oxide belts for your industrial and lapidary needs.

Please remember as always Eastwind cerium belts can be custom made to your desired specifications: belt size, webbing material, resin hardness.

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives Updated 2016 Full Product Line Catalog

2016 full product line catalog

2016 Catalog Request Form available online!
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Diamond Abrasive Products for Industrial, Lapidary and Technical Uses


Eastwind Diamond Abrasives is a manufacturer of Diamond Abrasive products and Cerium Polishing products located in Windsor, VT.  We are small and specialized.  We know our products and understand how we can help our customers to achieve the finishing results they desire. 

Custom Products

Loose Diamond Abrasive
and Micro-Finishing Diamond

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives also excels in creating custom products for your specific uses.  Whether it is custom sizing of discs and belts or custom formulations of abrasives, polishing compounds or resins.  We are not burdened by a large corporate hierarchy so we can engineer and create what you desire rapidly and affordably.

Patented Diamond Resin Bond Process and Cerium Resin Bond Process

New Cerium Polishing Belts and Disks
Diamond Resin Bond Products

After eight years of research and development, Eastwind Diamond Abrasives can now offer a complete line of patented, high performance flexible resin bond diamond abrasives. We manufacture plated metal bond diamond-dot abrasives. We are also distributors of diamond powder in various mesh and micron sizes.

We have a trouble free, patented solution for even the toughest industrial sanding and polishing needs.

Stock Products

We stock standard size disks and belts for commonly used industrial grinders and polishers.  We ship the same or next day and there is no minimum quanity on stock items.


Stock and Custom orders can be placed with our knowledgeable distributors, many of our retail outlets price Eastwind Diamond products at below list price. For your convienince you can also order direct from Eastwind Diamond Abrasives.  We value your privacy and security so we do not have online sales.  We also prefer to know our customers and verify the finishing product you are purchasing is the best product for you.  Please call or email us to discuss your uses for our products.

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