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PRODUCT UPDATE: Cerium Oxide Polishing Belts from Eastwind Diamond Abrasives

cerium polishing belts 1.5 x 6 inch expandable drum, 2.5 x 6 inch
expandable drum, 3 x 8 inch expandable drum
cerium oxide polishing belt - smooth splice

Eastwind Diamond Abrasive’s stock cerium oxide resin coated belts for 1.5 x 6 inch, 2.5 x 6 inch and 3 x 8 inch expandable drum wheels now come standard with carbo material webbing. This thinner more flexible backing provides greater surface contact and produces a smoother splice transition.

Resin bonded cerium oxide belts are excellent for polishing high silica content materials such as glass, glass ceramic, and high quartz content granite; this includes ceramic glazes and glass enamel. Use Eastwind cerium oxide belts for your industrial and lapidary needs needs.

Please remember as always Eastwind cerium belts can be custom made to your desired specifications: belt size, webbing material, resin hardness.

UPDATE: Eastwind Diamond Abrasives meets increased demand for Industrial Diamond Abrasive Belts

3 x 90 inch 800 mesh Industrial Diamond Abrasive Belt

2017 was a busy year for Eastwind Diamond Abrasives, particularly the industrial diamond abrasive belts sector. To meet the increased demand for the industrial diamond abrasives, Eastwind Abrasives has added personnel specifically for industrial belts manufacturing. Quick turnaround production time and low minimum orders for custom diamond belts is Eastwind Diamond Abrasives pride.

Eastwind Diamond’s Loose Diamond Abrasives for use in diamond abrasive slurries and diamond abrasive product manufacturing remain strong and consistent.

As always, Eastwind Diamond Abrasives continues its research and development of new diamond abrasive products. Look for a new Eastwind Diamond Abrasives electroplated diamond abrasive product debut in 2018!

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April 16 through 18, 2015 at the Crown Plaza Hickory, NC

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Eastwind Diamond Abrasives Full Product Line Catalog

2014 full product line catalog

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Press Release: July 2013

Now Patent Pending • Eastwind Diamond Abrasive’s Cerium Resin Bonding Process

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives and Douglas Klein have applied for what will be their second patented product, "Cerium Oxide Flexible Abrasive Article And Method For Making The Same" (application #61/828.228)

Cerium is a rare earth metal with some unusual properties making it most valuable in industry. Although Cerium is the most abundant of the rare earths, cerium oxide has become more difficult to obtain due to the reduction of mining globally and the processing required to extract cerium from the minerals it is contained within. The prices in recent years have soared.

Traditionally Cerium Oxide is used as a liquid slurry. Liquid slurries are difficult to dispose of and are messy to work with. Eastwind Diamond Abrasives has developed a method to bond cerium to a durable flexible fabric belt that reduces cleanup and waste of the polishing compound, therefore reducing cost and reducing harm to the environment.

As it is a fine particle Cerium Oxide polishing compounds can be used as a traditional soft abrasive to finish almost any material, including plastics and metals, however it is the chemical properties of cerium that make it stand out when used on materials containing silica, such as quartz, ceramics and glass.

Cerium Oxide is one of the most efficient agents for precision polishing of optical glass components. It is also frequently used as a faster alternative to jeweler’s rouge (ferric oxide) in the lapidary industry. Granite with a high content of quartz, because of the high silica content, can also be polished more efficiently with cerium polishing.

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives wins 2013 Exporter of the Year Award!

Douglas Klein (rear middle) at the Vermont SBA Award Presentation Ceremony

Press Release: April 2013

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives wins Exporter of the Year Award

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives, manufacturer of diamond resin bonded, diamond electroplated, and cerium oxide resin bonded polishing products wins the SBA Vermont Exporter of the Year Award for 2013.

The Small Business Exporter of the Year Award is given for significantly increased export sales and profits, encouraging other firms to export, increased jobs through exports, and innovative methods of creating markets.
The winners will be recognized during the 2013 Vermont Small Business Awards Ceremony.

“We are very honored to be recognized by the SBA in this manner.” says Douglas Klein, owner of Eastwind Diamond, “However this accolade is just a byproduct of us doing our jobs well. Which is to develop, improve and market our technology and to produce more efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendlier abrasives and polishing products for industry. Thanks to our diligent staff Eastwind Diamond Abrasives is now exporting to 14 different countries and exports make up 60% of our sales. We are very proud to represent Vermont and to assist and encourage the growth of US manufacturing.”

For more information on Eastwind Diamond Abrasives please see: http:// www.EastwindDiamondAbrasives.com
Location: Main Street, PO Box 302, Windsor Vermont 05089
Voice: (802) 674-5427
Fax: (802) 674-5739

Customer Stories

Resin Bonded Product Solution - Surfboards, California

This image is of one of our clients in California who was creating his own line of surfboards. After some consultation, we supplied him with some 8” resin bond disks in various mesh/micron sizes along with our resin bond hand pads in various mesh/micron sizes to help him create a smooth, glass-like surface.

Resin Bonded Product Solution - Glass Windows, Hawaii
photography provided by World Wide Window Cleaning

This image is of our customer; World Wide Window Cleaning in Honolulu, HI. They needed a way to remove the top layer of glass with a factory tint (tempered glass). Eastwind Abrasives supplied them with 5 inch resin bond disks formulated specifically for glass. The kit included 5; 5 inch resin bond disks in the following mesh: 400,800 and 1200; and 9 micron, a 5” felt pad, and glass polishing compound.