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Cerium Oxide Resin Bonded Belts

Cerium Belt: Manufactured by Eastwind™
Diamond Abrasive, Inc.

Traditionally Cerium Oxide polishing was a messy process involving slurry and the cleanup and filtration issues related to slurry use. Eastwind Diamond Cerium Products eliminate the waste while providing a long lasting and durable solution to industrial and lapidary polishing. The cloth backing provides a strong, flexible base for the resin bonded cerium, while resisting heat deformation caused by the heat generated by the very aggressive cerium media.

  • Use wet
  • We use the highest concentration of the finest quality Cerium Oxide Compound to provide the most aggressive surface polishing area possible
  • Aggressive cutting and polishing results
  • Save precious rare earth material by eliminating wasteful slurry
  • Save time and materials with no cleanup and filtration
  • Our cloth backed Belts are durable and resist heat friction deformation and stretching

Cerium Oxide Belts are offered in the following standard sizes: units are inches

  • 1.5 x 6
  • 2.5 x 6
  • 3 x 8
  • 3 x 24
  • 3 x 41.5
  • 3 x 90
  • 4 x 106
  • 4 x 132

Our resin bonded cerium products require a break in period before reaching maximum cutting/polishing speed. The break in time can be accelerated using by using a fine dressing stick or the smooth edge of a hard glass - such as sapphire plate glass.

Remember custom sized belts are easily available, also please note that custom formulations are our specialty and we will work with you to address your particular needs based on your application.

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