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Cerium Oxide Resin Bond Products

Eastwind Diamond Abrasive Cerium Bond products are made with a patent pending method engineered to create a durable and aggressive cutting and polishing surface. These products are not a replacement for film backed products. Eastwind Resin Bonded Polising Products last longer, saving time in replacing belts and disks. The cloth backing gives more friction on wheels allowing more aggressive cutting. Practice green industrial methods by reducing waste and cleanup.

cerium disksFlexible Resin Bond Cerium Disks
diamond beltsFlexible Resin Bond Cerium Belts

  • Use wet
  • We use the highest concentration of the finest quality Cerium Oxide Compound to provide the most aggressive surface polishing area possible
  • Aggressive cutting and polishing results
  • Save precious rare earth material by eliminating wasteful slurry
  • Save time and materials with no cleanup and filtration
  • Our cloth backed Disks and Belts are durable and resist heat friction deformation and stretching
  • Our Cerium Oxide Polishing Media can be Bonded to any of our Standard Resin Bonded products - please call to ask about handpads and flexweels™