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About Eastwind Diamond Products

After many years of research and development, Eastwind Diamond Abrasives offers a line of patented high performance Flexible Resin Bond Diamond Abrasives. We are also a manufacturer of Plated Flexible Metal Bond Diamond Dot Abrasives and distributor of Diamond Powder in various mesh and micron sizes, coated and uncoated.

We have a trouble free solution for even the toughest sanding and polishing jobs. It is no longer a messy, tedious, inexact process. Our products are designed for use on flame spray coatings, ceramics, glass, gemstones, hard nonmetallic materials, as well as marble and other stone products. We manufacture an aggressive, performance product line with a high concentration of diamond that lets the user spend less time in secondary operations while getting great value. We stock a variety of mesh and micron sizes to fit most standard wet sanding machines and a line of flexible diamond dot products that can be used wet or dry, although we recommend using our product wet. Custom formulations are our specialty.

Eastwind is dedicated to being a knowledgeable resource for your questions and unique applications. Our goal is to respond to your needs quickly and expertly in a courteous and professional manner. We are user friendly with same day shipping on most stocked items and quick turnaround on custom products. We work closely with our customers to develop practical solutions with competitively priced quality products.

Eastwind Diamond Abrasives products come with a guarantee of satisfaction.

Douglas Klein: Owner

My lifelong passion has always been the acquisition, cutting, display and trade in minerals and gemstones and always will be. I am now, however, a manufacturer and seller of abrasive belts, disks, bulk diamond powder and metal-bond products. How did that happen?

I had tried every variation of every major abrasive suitable for lapidary work and found each wanting in some way. I also found it impossible to order custom sizes or indeed consult in any way with the huge abrasive companies. I decided to make my own resin bond belts and began a many year odyssey to find the optimum belt fabric, best join, superior formulation and so on.

I began selling my belts and disks to friends and acquaintances in the lapidary world and soon I was selling to people who only knew of the belts by reputation. I received a US Patent for my formulation. The business grew and today we have over 500 customers all over the world and growing. Our products are in continuous use worldwide, finishing a variety of high-tech products. Our clients include aerospace, medical, recreational and many other industries, as well as our regular lapidary customers.

We are proud of our personal service, and our staff is available for telephone consultations to help you find the ideal abrasive solution.

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