Cerium Oxide Resin-Bonded Discs

Our Cerium Oxide Resin-Bonded discs are available with or without arbor holes (please specify when ordering). We offer these discs with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive), Velcro, or magnetic backings.

Quick Reference

  • Use wet
  • Made of the highest concentration of Cerium Oxide Compound for the most aggressive surface-area polishing possible
  • Perfect for aggressive cutting & polishing results
  • Saves precious, rare earth materials by eliminating wasteful slurry
  • Saves time and materials with no clean-up and filtration
  • Durable and heat friction deformation-resistant
Cerium Oxide Resin-Bonded Discs can be used for metal sanding, knife sharpening and scissor sharpening on the following:

Cerium Oxide Resin-Bonded Discs can be used for gemstone sanding and gemstone polishing on the following:
TourmalineTopazQuartzAquamarineAgateChrysocollaBerylJadeJasperOpalGarnetMoonstoneChrysopraePyrite SchistSapphireDruzyChalcedonyAmethystSpinelSugalite