Cerium Oxide Resin Bond Polishing Products

Say goodbye to the mess of slurry, cleanup, and filtration issues common to this kind of polishing with Eastwind Cerium Oxide Resin products. Not only do these products eliminate waste and allow you to go green, they provide long-lasting, durable solutions for industrial and lapidary polishing. They are an excellent choice for polishing gemstones such as agate, jasper and hard silicated stones as well as optical glass.

Note: Our products in this category are not a replacement for film-backed products.


  • Use wet
  • Made of the highest concentration of Cerium Oxide Compound for the most aggressive surface-area polishing possible
  • Perfect for aggressive cutting & polishing results
  • Saves precious, rare earth materials by eliminating wasteful slurry
  • Saves time and materials with no clean-up and filtration
  • Durable and heat friction deformation-resistant
  • Doesn’t stretch


Standard Belt sizes

1.5 x 6 inch 3 x 24 inch
2.5 x 6 inch 3 x 41.5 inch
3 x 8 inch 4 x 106 inch


Standard Disk sizes

4 inch 10 inch
5 inch 12 inch
6 inch 16 inch
8 inch 18 inch