Diamond Metal Bond Products

Our Diamond Dot Electroplated PCB Abrasives are for precision work. Unlike other bond products that are cloth- and paper-backed, Eastwind’s abrasives consist of a thin, solid sheet of springy metal with dots of diamond abrasive electroplated directly to the base sheet. Our design ensures there is no pulling-up or falling off, so your material is never cut or gouged. The metal backing allows the abrasive to lay flat, which prevents uncontrolled scratching of the finished surface and enables you to create a sharp facet or bevel, if required.


  • Use wet or dry
  • High concentration of diamond particles ensures an extraordinarily smooth finish
  • Aggressive grinding


60 mesh (250 micron) 325 mesh (50 micron)
80 mesh (200 micron) 400 mesh (45 micron)
120 mesh (125 micron) 600 mesh (30 micron)
220 mesh (90 micron) 800 mesh (25 micron)