Diamond Resin Bond Products

Made with a proprietary method designed to produce the highest uniform finish, our Diamond Resin Bond abrasive products polish quickly and easily. In fact, for less critical and/or demanding materials, the finish you’ll get with our Diamond Resin Bond products can be left without needing a final polishing compound.

Waterproof Cloth Backings

Lightweight material meant for find sanding and polishing. High drape, giving for maximum surface area on curved surfaces.

Mediumweight material meant for fine sanding and polishing. Medium drape, giving for moderate surface area on curved surfaces.

Ernst & BRK
Heavyweight material used for coarse to medium sanding and stock removal.

Used in industrial applications for longer length belts that need to hold up to heavier wear. Our industrial material is typically available in larger sized belts, however industrial weight belts can be made as small as 6" in diameter.


60 mesh (250 micron) 1200 mesh (15 micron)
80 mesh (200 micron) 1800 mesh (9 micron)
120 mesh (125 micron) 3000 mesh (6 micron)
220 mesh (90 micron) 8000 mesh (3 micron)
325 mesh (50 micron) 14,000 mesh (1 micron)
400 mesh (45 micron) 50,000 mesh (½ micron)
600 mesh (30 micron) 100,000 mesh (¼ micron)
800 mesh (25 micron)