Usage and Safety


Always be sure to use the proper personal protection equipment, when using any grinding or polishing machines. Be sure to use adequate ventilation for the process you are performing. Be sure to only use products that specifically fit the intended machine.


Always check any belts or wheels for cracks, splits or any other imperfections that may affect the integrity of the product. Failure to do so may result in damage to your machine or person.


Only mount belts, wheels, drums etc. to machines for which they are intended. If any wobbling, vibration, or unusual noise occurs, stop immediately and check the mounting procedures for the piece of equipment being used.


We highly recommend storage of our Flexwheels in a horizontal position (lying flat). Failure to do so can result in warping. We also do not recommend wrapping them in any tight plastic wrap as this will place undue stress on the rubber and the belt resulting in permanent damage.

Be sure belts and discs are completely dry before storing in an enclosed space.


All products manufactured by Eastwind are meant to be used WET. Water is the best coolant to use and we also recommend adding a small amount of dish soap as a surfactant (2- 3) drops per every 2 gallons of water will be sufficient. Water clears the slurry away from the work piece, reduces friction and heat which prolongs the life of our product. Please remember, the more water used, the better the performance.

There are many factors that affect the performance of diamond abrasive products such as the material being worked, how the product is used and the RPM of the machine. Most failures are due to improper use or load-up issues, which are usually due to soft or gummy materials, or the wrong grit size that will affect performance.

PLEASE NOTE: Eastwind Flexwheels are NOT meant to replace Metal Bonded Grinding Wheels. Flexwheels manufactured by Eastwind are Resin Bonded to a cloth backing.