Diamond Resin Bonded Flexwheel

This product consists of a hard plastic hub with a layer of foam between the hub and belt (made from industrial waterproof cloth backing) that was originally designed for the lapidary industry (gemstones) but has been found to be an excellent solution for aggressive grinding and fine polishing of thermal spray coatings such as HVOF, tungsten carbide and other hard materials. Our Flexwheel performs aggressively with a slight drape to eliminate scratching and flat spots.

Available in (2) sizes 1.5 x 6 Inch & 2 x 8 Inch that includes a 1” telescopic bushing.

Quick Reference

  • Use wet
  • High concentration of diamond particles ensures an extraordinarily smooth finish
  • Best for aggressive sanding and polishing results
  • Maximum RPM 1725
  • 1” bore standard, bushings to fit sizes ¾”, 5⁄8” and ½” are included
  • We recommend storing the wheels when off the machine in a flat position, so they remain balanced